How Many Kids Mom Is Destined To Have Based On Her Zodiac

How Many Kids Mom Is Destined To Have Based On Her Zodiac

Maybe Mom-to-be’s been dreaming of having a brood of five since she first begged her parents to let her babysit at the age of ten. Maybe she thinks three is the perfect number or maybe she’s the one and done, thank you very much. Whether you dream of large, boisterous family gatherings or prefer small, quiet celebrations where people speak one at a time, looking to the stars can reveal some interesting inclinations based on your astrological sign.
Even if you’re not the type to line up at the fortune teller or read your daily horoscope, you have to admit those star sign personality descriptions can be spookily accurate. When it comes to childrearing, it’s no different. Looking to the zodiac can contribute some interesting information to help you answer that sometimes nagging question of how many kids you should have.
Take a look at what your birth sign can predict about your mommy future.

12 Aquarius – Fun-Loving Mom Of 1 Or 2 

Aquarius is a study in contrasts. You can be shy and quiet at first, but once you warm up, you are energetic, wacky in a good way and love to let loose with your friends. Having a tendency to be adventurous and childlike yourself, that can work for or against you when it comes to motherhood. You can be a great down-on-the-floor, hands-in-the-mud playmate or an over-thinker who just wants to be alone to chew on your deep thoughts. With that contradictory combination, it’s best not to overdo it. Having one to two children is the best fit for you.
Though you may need some downtime to re-charge, the good news is Aquarius don’t like to be alone for too long. You crave being surrounded by and having fun with others. You are a great listener who enjoys helping others. You don’t like to be bored (which is good for enduring those crazy toddler years) BUT you also strive for freedom (which goes down to about zero as a mom) and you dislike when people disagree with you (which happens, oh, all day long). Your kids will enjoy your sense of play and always have something fun to do when you’re around.

11 Pisces – Loving Mom To 4+

This warm, nurturing sign is a Mama Bear extraordinaire who is perfectly comfortable having up to four or more children. You are full of deep emotions and love guiding and nourishing little minds and souls. Your consistently loving, empathetic nature makes you the mom every kid wishes they had, and every other mom wishes they could be.
Associated with the element of water, Pisces are flexible and adaptable like the ocean – which is great for those days your children want to play hide and seek five more times before coming in for dinner. All the small stresses and annoyances children bring cascade right off your back. The Queen of Balance, somehow you juggle it all and make it look easy. Your easygoing parenting style, unconditional love and unruffled nature make yours the coolest hangout house in the neighborhood. Expect crowds.
Be sure to set boundaries as you have a tendency to be gullible and are the type who would bring home five stray cats. Kids sense this giving, sometimes martyr-like nature and may seek to take advantage of it in the absence of firm rules.

10 Aries – Fierce Mom Of Three

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As the first sign on of the zodiac, and a natural born leader, you are strong, determined and confident. When you’re younger, the idea of being a mother will sound like an encumbrance to all the serious career goals you’ve got your mind set on achieving. But as you mature, the idea of applying all your inborn enthusiasm and energy to the job of Mom in Chief starts to sound much more appealing. It’s a good thing because the stars predict you may end up with three to four kids! Aries are impulsive, and also brave, which means you may have more kids than you initially think you can handle.
But fear not, your master organizational skills will save the day as your family grows. You love to take action – and delegate – so the 1,001 things a mom has to get done on a daily basis will pose little problem for the determined Aries mom. A warrior and a fighter, you are a vigilant protector of your brood; they will always know you’ve got their back. And they’ll also know not to mess with you! You are after all, a fire sign with an aggressive side. Your sometimes short-temper and dislike of delays may cause friction when your kids move at the speed of molasses. But most likely, they will grow to inherit your speed, focus and can-do attitude.

Taurus – Devoted Mom Of 2  

Your patient and tender nature and your innate love of children will make you a fantastic mom. But your uber-practicality, resistance to change and high standards will make it difficult to enjoy having more than two kids. Commitment and strong family values are at the essence of who you are, and you will always put your children first.
While excited to create a new world around little ones with your partner, your stubborn streak will put the kibosh on to much upheaval. Handling chaos is not your forte, and a stable, orderly home is key for your happiness. Which is why the stars predict two is the best number of children for you. You will be extremely devoted to them, and your reliability will be unimpeachable. You will never be the mom who is late for pick-up! Your loyalty will cause a strong bond to form with your children. Just be careful not to let your conservative streak smother them with overprotection.

Gemini – Whimsical Mom Of 2 To 6!

As the dual-sided personality representing the Twins of the zodiac, of course the zodiac predicts at least two children for you, preferably twins! Because you are indecisive and a bit whimsical in your decision-making, we’re going to go ahead and say there is a range of how many kids you should have based on this unpredictable, ever-changing sign.
Your adaptability and party-loving nature is part of what makes you wonder if, once you’ve got the requisite two kiddos you need to combat your dislike of being alone, you should keep on reproducing to add to the fun. But one hitch in this plan is your ability to flip from being a spontaneous chatterbox to a pensive wanderer. You thrive in large team environments, and yet you hate to be confined. The dueling sides of your personality may fight over this for a while before you can settle on whether two is cool of you should go full-Angelina (a Gemini, by the way).
Your kids’ lives will never be boring, what with your dislike of repetition and uncanny ability to make new friends wherever you go. Whatever you decide, your gentle and affectionate ways will create happy, secure kids.

Cancer – Empathetic Mom Of 2 

As the mother of the Zodiac, parenting will come easily and naturally to you. Your sympathetic and imaginative nature will create a warm and creative environment in which your children can thrive. Your extremely soft and sensitive core, which can manifest in mood swings as an adult, means you need several years to recover and adjust after having a baby. The Cancer mom will do well to have two children, not too close in age.

Having been guided your whole life by your emotions will manifest in huge amounts of empathy for your young ones, and they will always feel as if wrapped in a loving cocoon. (Just don’t wrap too tight. Cancer has a tendency to dislike strangers and be hard to get to know, an intrinsic caution that may at times feel suffocating to your kids). You care deeply about all things home and family, and will throw yourself into creating a harmonious, happy home environment. Many Cancer moms enjoy staying at home with their children and dedicating themselves to creating a cozy, caring and connected family.

Leo – Confident Mom Of 1-2

Regal queen of the jungle, the venerable Leo the Lioness commands dignity and respect. And she’s a lot of fun too! If she chooses to have children (which she may not as she does love the limelight), she will bring loads of charisma, creativity and laughter to her role as mom to one to two kids.
Leo is the bon vivant of the Zodiac; a confident leader always on the lookout for a good time. Children of Leo kids will never lack for fun, original activities and will be able to fit a lot into a typical day when guided by the awesome multi-tasking skills of the Leo mom.
But what’s most cool about Leo is the mix of dominant leadership and warm-hearted generosity. Your passion for life and humor make you irresistible to those around you, including your kids, who will think you are the coolest mom on the block. Your skills as a unifier who can bring different people together for a common cause will come in when those kids are fighting over the remote.
You relish being admired and treated like a Queen, and need to make sure your desire for personal gain and status never threaten what’s best for your kids. Who are well on their way to becoming shining, independent leaders, like you.

Virgo – Organized Mom Of 1

One and done may be the way to go for you, Virgo. Your orderly and methodical ways, while helpful for managing a full schedule of play dates, enrichment classes and soccer practice, can make it difficult to enjoy having multiple children (who are known for royally messing up every plan ever made). You will love throwing all your kindness and humanitarianism into one amazing child (or maybe two) but anything more will short-circuit your exceedingly organized life. Not to mention your painstakingly edited three, five and ten-year career goals.

One to two kids will keep the stress level down, something that’s important for the analytical worrier in you. Your sense of cleanliness has a prayer of staying intact in a house with only one child, as does your unrelenting dedication to hard work. Your child will no doubt be polite and well-behaved, as you would never tolerate rudeness. You will love applying your practicality and eagle eye for detail to finding the top-of-class stroller, car seat and diaper bag. Heck, you will probably start browsing before you even get pregnant.

Libra – Gentle Mom Of 2 Or 4 

Libras are all about equilibrium and balance. Which is why they are best suited to have an even number of children. Libras are best suited to have at least two, and to slake their thirst for constant socializing, possibly four children.
This gracious, peaceful and gentle sign will make a calm-headed mother – you’re the one who can keep your cool when everyone is screaming. You value cooperation and partnership and will instill those lessons in your kids from an early age; perhaps leading to less sibling feuding. Your love of the outdoors, art and music ensures your children will be exposed to culture and likely develop a love of nature and the arts. Your kids will also benefit from your lovable, social butterfly side. Your inherent sense of justice and equality will lead to fewer shrieks of “No Fair!” as your children will sense your commitment to justice and harmony.

Scorpio – Eccentric Mom Of 3

Scorpio moms are intense, emotional beings who love the idea of raising a whole brood of children. The stars say a minimum of three kiddos for you. Though you may get overwhelmed by your moods at times, you are determined to be great at whatever challenge you take on, including parenting. You will throw yourself into mothering like a heavyweight champ, endlessly researching and testing out various methods to find the one that works best for your family.

Your kids will feel your dedication and shower you with affection. A natural leader, you can’t help but raise your children to be powerful, assertive people. However, you despise dishonesty and can be hot-tempered and sometimes your kids may be afraid to approach you. But at your best, you are an excellent, at times eccentric and fiercely protective mom with confident kids. They know your loyalty and steel-trap ability to keep a secret will always keep them safe and secure.

Sagittarius – Cool Mom Of 1 Or 2 

Your curious, energetic and adventurous nature will make you one cool mom—if you decide to become one. When it comes to mothering, the stars predict one, possible two children for you, but no more. Settling down and staying put is not really your thing. Your love of freedom and dislike of too many rigid plans can cause motherhood to feel constraining at times, but the kids you do have will love you for your enthusiasm and open mind.
Having a flair for the dramatic doesn’t hurt either; play dates and sleepovers at your house will be creative, fun and funny. Your children will bask in your free-spiritedness and sense of humor, feeling like little they want to express is off limits. Your confident fun-loving children will appreciate your enthusiastic zest for life, only wishing at times you were a little more patient.

Capricorn – Responsible Mom Of 3 

Super-responsible taskmaster Capricorn can do it all; work, keep the household ship-shape and make raising at least three kids look like a breeze. Management comes easily for Capricorn, and you won’t shy away from having a large family because you know you can handle anything. Besides, there’s no problem a well-laid plan can’t solve!
A master of discipline and self-control, you will have no problem letting your children know who’s boss. You’re not here to be their BFF, you’re here to enforce the rules and give your kids a strong sense of responsibility. They will no doubt inherit your love of accomplishment; they may even grow into little clipboard-carrying CEOs themselves. Your love of family and tradition is strong, and you will relish creating lasting memories with your children. But be sure to forgive them when they slip up, which will be often. Your tendency to be cold and distant when people don’t behave as expected will need some softening when those small, erratic people enter your life.