Zodiac Signs ‘N Secrets

This Is Your Sultry Secret Weapon, Based On Your Sign (His & Hers)

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They may not realize it, but every person has that one thing they can do better than everyone around them—one subtle technique they can use to get people to do what they want. You know, Joey Tribbiani’s thing was “how you doin’?”

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Once people figure out what they can do to entice others and influence how they feel, cathedral-size doors tend to open up in their lives. Not only do they start getting on better with people at work and getting ahead in the business world, but they also start seeing improvement in their love lives as their moves land them more dates, or interest from a specific person.

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Using a strategy that works for you to draw people in and impress them, or even encourage them to act a certain way, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re a manipulative shrew, either. There’s a difference between handling and controlling everyone around you, and occasionally using your talents to help you out in life!

If you don’t know what your secret weapon is, all you have to do is turn to the stars. Read on to find out how males and females of the zodiac tend to get what they want from their love-interests and from the world.

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24 Aries: Challenging Things Until They Go Her Way


Aries is the Ram, the head of the zodiac and one of the most outgoing and ambitious signs there is. Aries ladies pursue what they want without fail, and really don’t take no for an answer. Even if something is really hard or seems particularly out of reach, it takes a lot to scare her away from achieving it. And it’s this kind of determination and ability to never give up that usually sees her getting what she wants.

When it comes to relationships, Aries girls don’t just let things slide. She feels that if she doesn’t address all the issues that bother her, even those that seem minor to other people, they will accumulate into a massive problem. And most of the time, she’s right. She ends up being successful when it comes to relationships because she doesn’t just accept that things aren’t going her way—she gets up, gets out there and does something about it. Aries ladies might be a bit confronting in a relationship at first, but usually, partners or love interests know that she will be proactive about fixing all kinds of problems, so they don’t even try things like ghosting or hoping she won’t notice little details.

23 Aries Man: Being An Irresistible Bad Boy


The Aries man is the bad boy of the zodiac, and surely, we don’t need to tell you what’s so alluring about that! There is really not much that scares Aries men, and they will continuously push the boundaries, step over the line and rebel against the rules. They hate being told what to do and where to go, and at the first sign of someone trying to control them, they will do whatever they need to take back the power. By being rebellious and confident, this sign is basically irresistible and thus has the ability to bring other people to their knees.

Typical behaviors of the Aries man might include doing little acts that give him back some power and control, whether it’s using doors that have signs saying to use the other door, or hanging out in places where there aren’t supposed to be any loiterers. Though people say that they find this behavior annoying and unnecessary, the truth is many people are drawn into that confidence and that cheeky attitude. When it comes to love, the Aries man rarely finds himself pining for a partner because he has people throwing themselves at him. But when he does fall in love, you can be sure that he falls in love hard.

22 Taurus: Sticking To Her Guns, No Matter What


You might have heard that Taurus is one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac, and that just comes with the territory of having horns. And of course, those rumors are correct! Whether it works to her benefit or her detriment, Taurus can be extremely stubborn. She’s not very open-minded, she doesn’t love change and she doesn’t like anybody trying to persuade her to change her opinion on something. When push comes to shove, this sign is very good at sticking to her guns and standing by what she originally said she would do. It takes a miracle to convince her to change her mind on something she’s settled on.

Obviously, there are benefits that come with being a bit stubborn. Because the Taurus woman often refuses to budge on her position, she gets away with doing what she wants. Weaker personalities don’t have the energy to argue with her, and stronger ones might just admire her for having the nerve to stick up for herself and hold her stance. The one thing you don’t want to ever do is get into a heated argument with a Taurus because she does not give anything up easily, even if she does have a feeling that she is wrong.

21 Taurus Man: Wooing Love Interests With Material Things


Taurus happens to be a sign that doesn’t like drama or bragging, but that doesn’t mean that the material delights of life don’t bring him happiness. You have to understand that Taurus is an earth sign, which means he has an affinity for all things physical and material. He’s appreciative particularly of the finer things in life and likes to immerse himself in lavishness, in comfort, and in luxury. Make no mistake: he works very hard for all the lovely possessions he owns, but he likes to spend hard too. After all, that’s what money is there for, right?

The Taurus man is opportunistic and resourceful and knows how to use his skills to his advantage. Only the Bull could take his love of the material things in life and use it to get what he wants! Basically, when it comes to wooing his love interests, he brings out the big guns. He knows all about fine art and designer brands and all the other things that might hook the interest of a potential lover, and he brings that all out on his dates. He’s a real winer and diner, and knows how to show a date a very good time, which usually gets him what he wants.

20 Gemini Woman: Keeping All Her Options Open So She’s Never Desperate


Being an air sign, Gemini has never been one for settling down too early, and she never will be. The Gemini woman, in particular, can get serious anxiety when she’s forced to commit to too many things or people. She doesn’t like to be tied down in any way but rather prefers to float freely in the wind. Without even trying to, she keeps her options open by not putting all her eggs in one basket and not committing to one thing in particular. She never burns bridges with anyone and never turns anyone away completely, because she’s an innately positive person and it’s not in her nature. And of course, that ends up working to her benefit because she has all those options open when she needs them.

By maintaining all her relationships and building a huge network of contacts, Gemini never ever has to stay with someone out of desperation. In a way, she puts the pressure on her lovers to show her a good time and to do her right, because if they don’t, she can literally have another one of them in a minute. This is a naturally social sign, and she’s very much a people-person, so it’s not difficult for her to keep up many platonic relationships that might turn into something more in the future.

19 Gemini Man: Using His Words To Get What He Wants


If there’s one thing you should know about Gemini, it’s that he’s a very good speaker. The Gemini man is perhaps the best communicator in the whole zodiac and doesn’t even have to try at being good at talking. It’s just a natural talent that he has. He knows what to say, when to say it, and the tone in which to say it. Other people may try, but they’ll never be as good at speaking as the Gemini man is.

Of course, every now and then, the Gemini man may use his gifted words to manipulate the situation and get what he wants. You could say that he has the gift of the gab, or he could sell ice to a polar bear. He has a very strong ability to understand exactly what it is that people want to hear and say it in a way that doesn’t compromise his own interests. It’s a real skill, but the Gemini man has it down! When it comes to luring in a new love interest, he’s very good at writing text messages that are meaningful and emotional but not overly sappy. And of course, he makes for fantastic conversation over dinner.

18 Cancer Woman: Killing Them With Kindness


They say that being too kind is a curse, but that’s not the case when it comes to the Cancer woman. The Crab can’t help being kind and genuine, and that’s something that won’t change, no matter how many people might try to take advantage of her. She’s a natural nurturer, is naturally emotional, and can’t help worrying about the wellbeing of others. Of course, this leads to the kindness that shines through, even when she goes through one of her signature bad moods.

But while kindness might be perceived as a weakness, it usually ends up helping the Cancer woman out in whatever she chooses to pursue. Because while some people take advantage of kindness, and Cancer is vulnerable to those people, other people are drawn to this quality. Cancer unknowingly touches the hearts of a lot of people in her life, just through being herself, which means that she has a lot of people who feel like they owe her favors, and who feel inclined to be nice to her because she’s always been so nice to them. If you’re a genuine person, it’s really hard to be mean to someone like Cancer! Cancer is the perfect example of kindness being a strength instead of a weakness.

17 Cancer Man: Taking His Time Machine Back To The ‘50s


Like the Cancer woman, the Cancer man is emotional, and sometimes feels strongly inclined to be especially nice to people. Out of the men of the zodiac, he tends to be one of the most traditional. That means that he’s into classic morals and beliefs, and doesn’t usually like anything that’s too modern. It might seem like this would actually put him at a disadvantage when it comes to getting ahead in the world, particularly in the dating world where innovation, technology, and trends make all the difference. But the Cancer man actually uses his love of the traditional as an advantage.

When it comes to dating, he is not afraid to take it right back to the 1950s. That’s right: if you’re on a date with a Cancer man, he will open doors for you. He will stand up when you leave the table. He will actually come to your door to pick you up rather than texting you that he’s here, and bring you flowers, and offer to pay for the date. He’ll even make sure that you’re walking on the safe side of the sidewalk! This sign can be very picky, but once he’s found someone he likes, he wants to court her like a knight in armor. That’s not enticing to everybody, but it is to many people.

16 Leo Woman: Acting Confident, Even When She Doesn’t Feel Like It


Confidence is key in just about every area of life, and nobody knows this better than Leo. The Leo woman, in particular, believes that being confident in what she’s doing, whether it’s working or making art or socializing, is more important than actually doing the thing well, and so she always makes it her top priority. Nobody can be confident all the time, even a Lioness, so some of the time, she has to fake it. But people don’t realize that at times she feels very insecure, or has hurt feelings, or is jealous of somebody else because she acts like she’s all that and has it all together.

There are so many reasons why confident people get ahead in life, and a lot of good can come out of acting confident, even if doesn’t reflect how you truly feel. The Leo woman often finds that she gets asked out on more dates, moves into relationships more quickly, does better at work and is more popular among her friends and family because she knows how to work a room and be the star of the show. She knows how to pretend she’s in control when she’s not. And she knows how much people are drawn to those qualities.

15 Leo Man: Showing Off How Many People Adore Him


The Leo man is very much like the Leo woman in that he loves to be confident and be the center of attention. As a result of all this confidence, the Leo man is usually the most popular sign in the zodiac. He has friends for days, and everyone around him loves him. He lights up family events when he arrives, even if he’s late, people notice when he doesn’t come into work, and his friends are disappointed when he announces that he has to miss an event (although this rarely happens). Love interests tend to throw themselves at him, since he’s kind of irresistible, and his diary is always full of parties and other engagements that he’s always invited to.

Just in case you weren’t paying attention in high school, popularity is attractive to many people. It makes sense: if a lot of people like something or someone, others want to know what the big deal is. The Leo man knows that he’s super popular, and uses that to his advantage. To make himself seem more appealing to dates, he’s not afraid to mention how many people he knows, and all the events he’s been invited to over the upcoming week.

14 Virgo: Watching All The Details, So She Has Leverage


Virgo is much less aggressive about getting what she wants than other signs. Another earth sign, the Virgo lady is not impulsive or hot-headed, but rather likes to think about what she’s doing and make plans before she carries them out. Whether she likes it or not, she has great attention to detail and overthinks basically everything. Seriously, you’re never going to get anything past her! This might not seem like a very strong weapon, but it can actually give her a huge advantage because she has the patience to wait for the right time to use it.

The Virgo woman is very smart and moves carefully so she doesn’t make any mistakes. By paying attention to literally everything that happens, including every little thing that people say, she stores up information that she can use later on to her advantage. When it comes to winning over a guy, she might remember something he mentioned months ago that could give her an advantage over a rival. She pays attention to what makes people tick and then knows how to fit all the pieces together, later on, to get the outcome that she wants. She moves slowly, but you’d be surprised how much power she actually has.

13 Virgo Man: Using His Many Skills To Make All Sorts Of Friends


The Virgo man is also a big over-thinker and is naturally very intelligent. This sign is one of the most talented at a range of things in the zodiac and has an ability to develop skills that others just don’t have the opportunity to develop. He’s one of those men that’s just good at everything. While he doesn’t have the social skills of a Leo or the knowledge of fine wines like a Taurus guy, he does have endless other skills that he can pull out at any time to impress anyone.

One of the things that Virgo men tend to be good at is languages. He’s very good with words and has the ability to learn a few different languages, which he might use to get ahead either at work or in the world of dating. This sign also happens to be pretty academic, so he’s good at remembering facts and dates, and he usually has an affinity for numbers and science, thanks to his analytical nature. This not only impresses the people that he’s trying to win over in his love life, but helps him to land jobs which end up paying him the big bucks, which boosts his appeal even more.

12 Libra Woman: Being Switzerland To Keep Her Relationships Strong


Some signs are just blessed with a strong set of social skills which they use to help them navigate their way through life, and Libra happens to be one of them. The Libra woman knows how to always be agreeable and likable to those around her. She’s good at relating to people and understanding where they’re coming from and is never judgmental. She never loses her temper, which is one of the things that makes others like her so much. Others feel drawn to her because she’s so easy to be around. One of the best strategies she has for staying in people’s good books is never picking sides, but always sitting on the fence and remaining Switzerland.

It may seem like this could upset her friends, since it’s nice to back up the people you care about in times of adversity, but people are rarely upset with Libra because she’s just so darn likable. She never utters a bad word about anybody, and always takes into account the points of views of everybody around her. This makes people feel like they can trust her judgment and her advice. And at the end of the day, she has a handful of strong relationships she can lean on when she needs to.

11 Libra Man: Charming His Way Through The World


The Libra man is no different from his female counterpart in that he is hugely likable and charismatic. In particular, the Libra man knows exactly how to turn on the charm when it comes to getting people to do what he wants. If charm doesn’t come naturally to a guy, he can come across as being incredibly cheesy and cringe-worthy, but this never happens with Libra because it’s just a natural gift that he has. He’s good at luring in potential love interests, bosses, friends and family members with his charisma, and it usually means that he gets what he wants.

With his love life, in particular, Libra knows exactly what will bring his dates to their feet and uses it without shame. He’s not afraid to orchestrate grand gestures of affection, buy elaborate presents, and say things that would sound totally sappy coming out of anybody else’s mouth. But incredibly, they never sound sappy coming from his. Libra just has a charm that can’t be taught, and can’t be faked. Even dates who don’t feel a natural chemistry with him can’t help sticking around for a few dates, because he knows how to sweep people off their feet without trying very hard at all.

10 Scorpio Woman: Making Sure People Are Just Scared Of Her Enough To Respect Her


It’s true that a certain respect comes with being feared. Obviously, it’s not a good idea to aim to be so terrifying to people that your presence makes them feel sick, but just the right amount of apprehension can provoke people to respect you. And that’s exactly how Scorpio makes her way through the world. The Scorpio woman isn’t overly scary, and she doesn’t try to intimidate people. Rather, she’s just outspoken and brutally honest, which can make the people around her uncomfortable. She does not sugar coat things, and she doesn’t get put off by intense behavior, thinking nothing of making direct eye contact with people she’s not close with. This can sometimes lead other people to be wary of her, which usually results in them being respectful.

A lot of the time, people initially choose to let Scorpio ladies into their friendship groups because, well, they’re too scared to be enemies. But once they get to know a Scorpio woman, they find that she’s actually a really sensitive and caring person, and there’s nothing to be scared of. But having that dynamic to the relationship at first usually gets Scorpio a lot of esteem from the people around her.

9 Scorpio Man: Allowing His People Skills To Get Him Close To Others


In the same way, the Scorpio man is actually caring and sensitive, although it’s hard to see that at first. Both males and females of this sign tend to come across in an aggressive way at first, leading people to think that they might not be that soft inside. But one thing about the Scorpio man is that he usually has very good people skills. He’s an excellent communicator, and he knows just what to say to people to make them do what he wants. He’s really good at building relationships and creating a sense of intimacy, which helps him to get close to others perhaps before they otherwise would have allowed.

When it comes to dating, opening up to a Scorpio man is tempting. Although he can be aggressive and slightly intimidating, he has a way of creating a warm environment in which love interests feel comfortable enough to make themselves vulnerable. The other thing about the Scorpio man is that he’s a little cocky at times, and knows that when he gets people where he wants them, he can melt them like butter. This is a very passionate sign, so nine times out of ten he loves getting close to people and being as intimate as possible.

8 Sagittarius Woman: Learning As Much As She Can About The World To Make Herself Smarter And Stronger


The Sagittarius woman is endlessly curious and loves to get out there and experience what the world has to offer her. While some people have a desire to travel and have huge life experiences when they’re younger and then trade those things in for stability and a secure family life as the years go on, this doesn’t usually happen with the Sagittarius woman. She never loses her thirst to discover more about the world. Though people tell her that she needs to grow up, she can’t help feeling like she wants to see and do more. And the good thing about her hunger is that all the experiences she has usually end up with her acquiring a lot of wisdom.

Studying can make you smart, but nothing can replace the knowledge gained from real life experiences, like traveling or trying out new things. And because Sagittarius spends so much time doing these things, she ends up with a whole lot of wisdom and being a whole lot more worldly than other signs. As a result, she is at an advantage in a ton of situations, but especially at work. As a love interest, she is also exciting and alluring to dates who perhaps want to experience the world through her.

7 Sagittarius Man: Attracting Positivity To Himself By Being Positive


The Sagittarius man also loves to have a range of experiences and see the world while living life to the fullest. The one thing to know about this sign is that he is eternally positive. Even when things don’t go his way or he has every reason in the world to be upset, he ends up finding a positive aspect to focus on sooner or later. Sure, he is prone to a temper tantrum every now and then (what fire sign isn’t?), but most of the time, he is an optimist who focuses on the positives. The glass is full to him rather than empty, and believe it or not, this works to his advantage.

Some might think that someone who always expects the best out of life must be naïve or setting themselves up for disappointment. While that can happen, many people believe that positive experiences are actually attracted to us through being positive in the first place. According to some schools of thinking, if we focus on the good things in life, we will be blessed with more good things. The Sagittarius man employs this concept every day of his life without trying to and reaps the benefits.

6 Capricorn Woman: Avoiding Distractions To Stick To Her Goals


Distractions and procrastination can seriously hinder people when it comes time to work toward their goals. One sign who never struggles with this is Capricorn. The Capricorn woman is the most focused individual you will ever meet, and of course, this comes with a whole range of benefits. Where work is concerned, she does not let anything at all get in between her and what she wants. Though she has to make many sacrifices, including her free time, and sometimes her relationships, she always gets to where she wants to be because she knows how to prioritize.

In terms of love, the Capricorn woman is able to apply that same simple focus that allows her to prosper. She has a real talent for having laser-like vision and noticing when problems need to be worked on, and after singling them out, she will do what she has to do fix them. If her relationship is important to her, she will put everything else aside to work on it and that kind of dedication can help her to thrive and have a strong and healthy love life. The partners of Capricorn ladies may sometimes feel abandoned if her focus happens to be on work at the time, but they feel overwhelmed with love when she turns her attention to them.

5 Capricorn Man: Using His Success, Money Or Title To His Advantage


Similarly, the Capricorn man knows all about the importance of focus and avoiding distractions in order to do well in life. Both the male and females in this sign are often extremely successful because of this quality. The Capricorn man in particular likes to operate in a world where men are expected to be successful, wealthy and powerful, and he thrives on knowing that he can achieve all of this through his hard work and focus. The Capricorn man is often very proud of himself for his achievements, and he wants others to be proud of him too.

The Capricorn man will always find a way to be successful, to make money and to achieve certain rewards that allow him titles and other honors. And he uses these to his benefit by displaying them when he is trying to win over the heart of a potential lover. Even if he has a more reserved personality than the super confident Leo, he can still be extremely appealing to dates because he can just casually mention what he does for a living, or buy his date a gift that’s just a little out of the price range of other signs. All is fair in love and war, right?

4 Aquarius Woman: Getting Creative To Keep People Happy


If there is one thing Aquarius is good at, it’s being creative. This sign has a knack for thinking outside the square and coming up with new ideas that can be applied to every area of life. Her creativity and flow of ideas help her get noticed at work, but they also help her to think of new ways to keep relationships strong and interesting. The Aquarius lady isn’t the biggest fan of tradition in the world and always prefers to be modern and innovative in her approach. The best way her creativity helps her shine in life and in love is when she uses it to find new ways of keeping people happy. Disagreements and differences of opinion don’t alarm this sign like they do other signs, because she’s so good at coming up with new solutions that allow everyone to be satisfied. It’s this that keeps her life majorly stress-free.

The thing to keep in mind with Aquarius women is that although they come up with ideas to keep people happy, they really aren’t too fussed if people like them or not, and this is a talent in itself. You’ll never see an Aquarius woman bending over backward to try to please anybody.

3 Aquarius Man: Turning To His Intelligence To Help Him Solve Problems


The Aquarius man is similarly creative and extremely intelligent. So whenever he is faced with a problem that would normally set other signs back, he simply finds a way to overcome it using logic and common sense. This is one skill that can’t be taught or faked, and it gives Aquarius lots of advantages in life. Being intelligent also means that it’s really hard for people to take advantage of this sign because he’s onto them right away. He can always figure out when he’s being taken for a ride with a lover, or when his boss isn’t paying him enough. Intelligence helps him out in all areas of life, and he doesn’t even have to try that hard to use it; it just comes naturally.

The other interesting thing about the Aquarius man is that he doesn’t allow himself to get too emotionally invested in people or things that he doesn’t need to. While some people might see this as a weakness, or as a hurdle to relationships, it can actually work to his advantage. By not getting too sentimental and keeping a distance when it comes to catching feelings, he’s able to think using logic without having his judgment clouded by emotions.

2 Pisces Woman: Reading People To Get Inside Their Heads


The Pisces woman is good at many things, and one of them is having a strong enough intuition to read the vibes that other people send her way. This sign is an empath and is also one of the hardest to lie to or surprise in the zodiac. She always knows what’s coming because she picks up on all kinds of things that other people miss, including body language from other people, tones in voices and other details that just go over most people’s heads. The benefit of being able to read people is that the Pisces woman often stops herself from being tricked, but she’s also able to get what she wants out of people by considering how they’re feeling.

She can tell when two people don’t like each other, or when someone isn’t happy in a situation, and having information like that means that she can manipulate certain circumstances to work for her. This sign is full of love and doesn’t like to be unfair to people, but if she feels like she has to influence the situation, she is able to. Remember that the Pisces woman can be an innocent fish, but she can also be a swift shark.

1 Pisces: Adapting With His Fluid Nature


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One of the most admirable qualities of the Pisces man is that he’s extremely adaptable to just about any situation. Part of being a water sign is that you find a way to go with the flow of life and let the water wash you up anywhere, and the Pisces man has that mastered. He is able to pick himself up wherever he lands and adjust to his new situation, whatever that may be. This comes in handy in the world of work, where he might be asked to do certain things that he hadn’t anticipated before. It doesn’t matter if he is surprised, because he can improvise with a moment’s notice.

In his love life, the Pisces man is a very flexible partner, which is hugely appealing to a lot of people. He’s very tolerant and accepting of different situations, and it really takes a lot to ruffle his feathers. People are drawn to him because he is okay with changing plans at the last minute, and he’s okay with a variety of situations that might freak out people who aren’t as flexible. Dating a Pisces partner is often a pleasant experience and there’s not a lot to be stressed or anxious about. He’s pretty easy going!

Reference: cafeastrology.com