(October 24 – November 22)

Scorpio is the first from the most sexiest zodiac signs list. People under this sign has an irresistable power of attraction, they all love and appreciate all the carnal pleasures, and especially physical love. Scorpions use sexual energy to strengthen the position in society. Feeling sensual physical pleasure, they are always get the nourishment of spiritual strength and get inspired.
In bed, Scorpio is tireless, resourceful, gentle, persistent and ardent. Deep perverse inclinations always dominate and prevail over exalted romanticism. Scorpio loves to experiment and are constantly looking for new ways to get pleasure and enjoyment. They can not stand monotony and phlegmatic in sex. The people under Scorpio sign are quickly identify the secret desires of their partners, instinctively and accurately. That is why they cause some dependence on the sex. They’re are able to liberate their partners, causing the irresistible sensual desire. In this way, Scorpions always get  what they want in sex. If the partner doesn’t meet the requirements, the Scorpions are looking for an intimate relationship on the side to fully satisfy their desires.

The most successful sex compatibility for Scorpio with Taurus, Capricorn and VirgoAlways complicated by conflicts and traumatic to communicate with Leo, Aquarius and Sagittarius.

To save a stable relationships can be only one way: to obey the dominant position with you Scorpio, with patience, forbearance and wisdom. Don’t try to attract attention with the help of jealousy, or comparing Scorpio with the former partner. Scorpions don’t like flattery, they prefer to call a sincere delight and admiration. When meet the right partner, representatives of this sign refusing to communicate and flirt with the opposite sex.

(July 23 – August 22)

Leo is the next most sexiest sign in the zodiac. The people under this sign like to show themselves in all spheres of life. You can be sure that they know everything about seduction, or almost all. Maybe the Lions can’t be called imaginative lovers, but they will do everything possible to look that way.
Sex for the Leo is the ability to self-affirmation and emotional release. Lions are always the center of attention, because of their innate sexual charisma. Under the influence of their magnetism, it will be difficult to assess the weaknesses and negative side of Lions. They took the leading position in relationships on the side. To keep them from love affairs, your sex life should always be extremely varied and rich. Don’t be surprised when Leo shows perseverance and passion in the most inappropriate moments. You need to constantly change the images to adjusting to their fleeting desires. Romanticism and reverent attitude, Lions show only during courtship, before the first sexual contact.
One of the most serious shortcomings of the representatives of this sign is unfounded jealousy. But mandatory praise after each sexual contact will allow to melt the heart and satisfy the ambitions.

Most unstable relationships Leo has with Scorpio and Cancer, they are always full of stormy conflicts.

Best sexual compatibility Leo has with Aries or Aquarius. To gain stable relationships with people born under this sign, you will need to work hard. But your Leo will appreciate the wisdom and patience.

(June 21 – July 22)

Cancerians are driven by the thirst for sex domination and striving for perfection, so in bed the representatives of this sign try to be the best. In choosing a partner, everything matters, Cancerians conduct a comprehensive assessment of the person.
They lead a game in which always keep a position of unavailable person. They are trying to win right away, cause dependence and a strong attraction. They prefer their partner sought their attention for a long time with a passionate desire.

The most successful alliance for Cancer with Sagittarius, if you believe in the theory that opposites attract. This relationship will resemble the scales with an overweight in one direction and then the other, but in the end the balance will be formed.

Lowest compatibility in sex Cancer has with Scorpio or Leo. The relationship between such partners can be in the form of a single splash of passionate emotion.

Cancerians are very vulnerable, you should never make comments and express your dissatisfaction with non-regular sexual life. At the same time, a willingness to have sex at any time, and passion – this is exactly what value the representatives of this sign in their partners. In other words, you must be ready to show superiority, the primacy and importance of the partner in your life, and without any encroachment on the freedom and personal space.


(24 September – 23 October)

Above all the rest, Libra lover is the most passionate of the sun signs. The representatives of this sign were born under Venus, planet of love and beauty. They are obsessed with the art of seduction, trying to make out of sex is almost a work of art. But the sexual preferences of Libra, is not just about aesthetic harmony, it’s also about a great interest in the sex experiments. Although seemingly Libra are very quiet, but they are sexually liberated and not shy at all. The geeks have no chance to achieve their attention.
The greatest pleasure for them is an open admiration of their sexual abilities, but not because they are selfish. They are ready to give to their partners more than they receive, that is why Libra need more confidence for self-motivation. By entering into a romantic relationship with the representatives of this sign, you should keep the distance. Once a partner becomes a predictable, Libra lose the interest.

By nature, Libra is balanced, harmonious and terrible perfectionists, that’s why they have successfull alliances with selfish signs such as Aries and Leo. Moreover, Libra is always prefer a partner who is superior to them, in order to continuously improve and learn.


(March 21 – April 20)

Aries are very passionate and energetic lovers. The representatives of this zodiac sign are always straightforward and open about their intentions to the opposite sex. Aries are always take the initiative in sex and can act quite selfish. But the desire to be the best, pushing them all to do everything to be truly the best for their partners.
They love to surround themselves with the attention, deliberately causing ardent feelings and emphasize their dominance. The journey from dating to intimacy, usually short. In this case, important only strong flash of passion. When passion goes, Aries is moving to a new purpose without regret. That’s why, you need to constantly kindle the fire of passion in the eyes of your Aries.

Perfect union is possible with Libra, which is due to the attraction of opposites. Such an alliance can be stable and enduring.

For Aries, all the interest in the process of achieving the goal, but not on the overall goal itself. At first the representatives of this sign are having sex to satisfy their desires. Don’t wait anything from Aries. Sex and love have one and the same meaning for them.  The best strategy – accept and enjoy.